Vinod Soloman


Founder’s Message

On the 14th of August 2013, I embarked on a new journey of Hope. To some, it may have seemed a long and hard path but for me, it was a pleasurable and memorable one. More than anything, the lessons I learned in these past 5 years were invaluable, Friendships made were innumerable and the contribution to my Associates’ lifestyle changes, most satisfying.

In Mi Lifestyle,we are blessed with a fantastic management team of able administrators & well- focused visionaries. Complimenting them with enthusiasm, steadfast commitment and powerful motivation are the pillars of Direct Selling Industry in India – The Leaders. No Direct Selling company in India can boast of such an array of Powerful Achievers. I thank one and all for their contribution to my life.

A big THANK YOU to my Associates who have followed the System to the letter and achieved all targets that we had set together.

Just like how humans are the pinnacle of Evolution of Life on earth, Mi Lifestyle is the pinnacle of Evolution of Direct Selling in India.

 Vinod Soloman

About our Founder


An MBA with 8 years of Service Experience with MNC’s. Associated with many International Personality Development, Charitable & Social Organizations. He was a well acclaimed Personality Development Trainer even before saying good bye to High Profile & very well paid JOB to start his own business. He stared his career in Direct Selling Industry in the year 2003 and reached heights in the industry. His professional speed & achievements are legendary in Direct Selling Industry. He is a passionate Explorer and an armature photographer. Currently he is holding the rank of GTC (Global Team Co-ordinator) & Platinum in Mi Lifestyle Business.

A keen thinker and an Inspiring Coach. His training programs are always in demand. We find inspiration from this mastermind at every step of the way.

Let us LEARN with him... Let us BUILD with him... Let us SUCCEED with him.

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