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These are the memories of wonderful programs organised by LBS International for the development of Mi Lifestyle Business in the past. You can witness our strength, organizational ability and reach across India here.

Special GTS @ Faizabad,UP - Rural Outreach

Premium GTS @ Lucknow, UP-29-08-2019

Premium GTS @ Sandila, Hardoi, UP


Special GTS & Achievers celebration 6th May 2018 @ Bengaluru

MEGA GTS @ Jaipur on 01-04-2018

LDP @ GOA on 1st May 2018

LDP@ Bengaluru on 29th April 2018

Take Off - Special Traing on 8th April @ Bengaluru

Special GTS and Achiever's Celebration 25th March @ Bengaluru

Special GTS@Lucknow on 20-03-2018

Special GTS @ Bareilly on 18th March 2018

Special GTS@ Barabanki on 19-03-2018

Strategy meet 12th March @ GOA with LBS founder

Special GTS @ GOA on 11th March

Brand New ITC Celebration @ Trichy

RTP @ Bengaluru


Special New GTS @ Bengaluru

LBS International's Achievers @ Desert Safari

LBS International's Achievers @ Dubai 0n 03-02-2018

Meeting with COO

LBS Premium GTS @ Barabanki on 15-02-2018

Special GTS @ Lucknow 31-01-2018

Special GTS @ Bengaluru 28-01-2018

LBS 4 Series @ Lucknow

LBS 4 Series @ Barabanki

LBS NDO@Bengaluru

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