Vasantha and Ravishankar

C. Ravisankar is a Civil Engineer by qualification, worked with Gandhigram Trust & NABARD for 17 Years. Started Mi Lifestyle business in the year 2014. He has built teams all across Tamilnadu. He lives near Ambathurai, near Dindigul.

He is ably supported by his life partner R. Vasantha who is a B Sc. nurse by qualification worked for 2 years and ran nusring institute for 2 years at Nilakkotai.

This couple is a perfect example of Mi Lifestyle's Family orineted Business. They work in tandem to develop a very powerful team of achievers and they set example by achieveing all the targets set by LBS International.

Perfect organisers and Motivators is the best name we can give them.

Their Moto - Support by System to all

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