Rajesh Sharma



Rajesh Sharma was born to a Trader Family in the holy city of Amritsar. After Completing his Civil Draftsman ship, he persuaded job as a Supervisor in a construction firm for 8 years. His dream to become a business man made him quit his job. Since his family was not ready to support him in capital requirement he started traditional business in Water Purification Equipment as a partner with financially strong friends. After 3 years he had to end the partnership due to difference in opinion with them. Back to Square 1.

Then he met our founder and was sponsored in to this business in the year 2013. Ever since he had shown his true talent in direct sales and is a master direct seller and a trainer.

His vision is to create a system which automatically benefits everyone in the team, both financial as well as personality development sides. 

His motto – find opportunity in every situation, find strength in even the weakest person.

He Operates in the sates of Punjab, J & K, Himachal Pradesh & Maharashtra

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