Girish Hegde




Girish Hegde is an Automobile Engineer by qualification and worked with Maruti Suzuki for 12 Years as Service Manager. He very ambitious and focused on targets and started his Direct Selling career as a full timer from day 1 with Mi Lifestyle.

His experience in Service field is a boon to his team which is lavished by his care and concern. He has an attitude of never leaving anyone behind and he helps everyone to achieve their financial freedom.

A grassroot worker with keen eye on opportunity while his Basic as well as Advance Training programs are always in demand. He has achived the rank of NTC ( National Team Co-ordinator) in Mi Lifestyle and is a very powerful motivator for all associates of LBS International.

His vision is to create Maximum Entrepreneurs through Mi Lifestyle Business. His Motto - Trust only in the System.

He operates in Karnataka, Goa, Maharashtra & Tamil Nadu

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